Thursday, 18 September 2014

NYX Jumbo Pencil Review

I finally got my hands on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil which I have been wanting to try for absolutely ages. After reading countless blogposts about this so-called wonder, I had to see what all the hype was about.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - 617 Iced Mocha (€5.49)

Colour - It's a beautiful shimmery bronze shade which looks amazing worn on its own for an easy and effortless look. Of course you can use this as a base for other eyeshadow to help it last longer and to add some shimmer.

Application - One of the first things I noticed about this product was how smooth and easy it was to apply. I usually use this all over the lids and then blend it out with my finger of a brush.

Wear - It stays on for the whole day but I find it does crease a little after a couple of hours so I would recommend using a primer underneath.

Overall - I'm really impressed and it has definitely lived up to the hype. The only tiny, mini complaint I have is that it's not twistable so I'll have to go buy a jumbo pencil sharpener but for the price, that's definitely fair. They have a beautiful selection of colours so I will be getting some more of sure and I urge you to try them out if you haven't already.

Let me know what you think of them. I'd love to hear your opinions. 



  1. I love the shimmer on the with flash picture

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Hello. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check my blog for more details

  3. That product looks so nice and I really like the color of it. Great post and keep up the good work.


  4. Such a great review! I haven't tried these pencils and I have heard lots of great things about them! I love the colour of this one.
    Em x

  5. Looks like a lovely shimmery shade! I've never tried NYX before but I've seen so many great things about them!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks. This is the first time I'd tried NYX! It's looking pretty good so far... :)

  6. Great review! Love that you photographed with and without flash :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  7. We still need to get our hands on these! Nyx came out in Australia about 1 year ago, so we're slowly building up our collection! We love their cream blushes

    M + K

  8. I've heard so much about the cream blushes. I've been meaning to try them out :)

  9. Gorgeous shade! I'd love to try this one out and I'd love to try the white shade too. Great review!

  10. I've only just seen your blog but I really love it!! Going to be reading more of your stuff now!!


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